Fun with Gardein™

I can’t claim to be Vegan. We have a household of meat-eaters (including myself) but I do make concerted efforts to eat as little meat as possible, while adding more meatless meals into our rotation. At this stage in my life, I crave it less and less, so it would not be a big leap to go meatless altogether. I feel better overall when I am eating plant-based foods. The cheeses are what keep me from those completely vegan meals. Being able to whip up my own yogurt and ricotta cheese in the Instant Pot isn’t helping, either. It’s a journey of finding the right balance for our health.

That’s why I love Gardein™. We can play with our favorite flavors, like buffalo chicken tenders and crab cakes. We whip these up in the air fryer for about 8 minutes flat. Gardein, with their kitchen lab wizardry, makes that leap seem smaller all the time.

Left photo: Crabless Cakes with arugula, cukes, tomato, & strawberries. Drizzled with a Pineapple-Lime Vinaigrette. R made this for me for one of our date nights and now I crave it all the time! Easy to serve as an option for Vegan friends, too.

Right photo: Crispy Chick’n Tenders with buffalo hot sauce, avocado, and vegan blue cheese dressing.

~Posted by K


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